A little bit of history of Bove Palace at San Gennaro

The village of San Gennaro,situated on the northern hills of the Commune of Capannori, in the southern slopes of Pizzorne, is an ancient village which goes back to the VI century A.D. It is divided into Borgo and Castello, and it is surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Castello is the territory to the north, surely the most beautiful and historic of San Gennaro.

Here,on the way that goes to meet the panoramic road to Petrognano and Tofori lies Palazzo Bove, once called Palma, one of the most exclusive residences of the area, built in the first half of the XV° century.

Giuseppe 1 of the Palma family of Lucca. He was born on August 26, 1695, and was consecrated Archbishop on February 10,1743 by Pope Benedict XIV who, as a favor toward the Republic, at that time,gave the power to elect four subjects. These were, besides Palma, then Archdeacon of the cathedral, Monsignore Giovanni Vincenzo Lucchesini, the Archpriest Cesare Bartolomei and P.Abate Cesare Barsotti Canonico Regolare Lateranense. Palma died abruptly the night of October 31,1761 due to the breaking of a lymphatic vessel to the heart. (Prayer at the death of Monsignor Giuseppe Palma, Archbishop of Lucca, recited on the 3rd of November1761, by Francesco.”

On the inside of the dwelling, on the ground floor, is placed a stone with the inscription “1631”.

It had been the summer residence of the Archbishop of Lucca, Giuseppe Palma, mentioned in the white marble epigraph posted on the west side of the villa.

It passed to the family Scatena-Burlamacchi until the end of the 18th century.

In the inside we find a small private chapel with frescoes of some value.

From the top floor of the Palace, which enjoys the first rays of the sun till sunset,one can admire an enchanting scenery. The splendid panorama, which we can admire from here, encompasses the Lucchesia and part of the territory of Pisa and Pistoia. In the valley of the palace, in a position open to the hilly landscape, the ancient flower and vegetable garden extends like a natural terrace.

Today the aristocratic dwelling and the garden have become an attractive location for those who plan to have their wedding in a villa at Lucca and for many other special occasions, events, and happenings of many kinds.

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