Useful information on the village of San Gennaro.Tourist visit and overnight staying at Bove Palace.

The ancient village of San Gennaro is happily positioned 300 meters above the sea, on the crest of a hill surrounded by vast olive groves, overlooking the plain of Lucca.

You will find a sign in the road that goes to Lucca-Montecarlo that says Road of the Wine and the Oil (“Strada del Vino e dell’Olio”).

The visit to the village cannot be done without a stop at the Castle (IL Castello), the highest part of the village itself, where resides the characteristic ancient Pieve dedicated to Gennaro di Asilatta, of which we have news beginning in 980.
In the following centuries some restructuring was done to improve the structure.
The interior of the church, built with three naves, works of great value are conserved, among which are two statutes of terracotta from the 15th century. One is an announcing angel, which according to many scholars seems to have been done by a young Leonardo da Vinci. Also worthy of mention is a holy water basin of 1550, a pulpit of the Romanesque period dating to 1162, by Master Filippo, the Madonna of childbirth of the 15th century and a renaissance wood painting of 1500, and a renaissance work by Vincenzo Frediani and Ranieri Di Leonardo, depicting the Madonna with Child. In the side of the church there is the ancient palace Boccella which in the past hosted the Museum of Oil and Wine and was recently completely restructured at the initiative of the Commune di Capannori. The museum showcased and promoted agricultural products of the territory with particular focus on enogastronomico.
Impressive also is the structure of the ancient village with its houses all in a line which dates from the 16th century, and was partly restructured in 1746, a date which appears on different stone portals. Close by San Gennaro is Collodi where there is the park of Pinocchio.

From the village of San Gennaro it is possible to reach Lucca in 15 minutes.

Bove Palace rises in this splendid village: its structure offers the opportunitiy to organize events, cultural manifestations,and also the celebrations of weddings with civil rites and obviously receptions.

For those who on the other hand would be interested in staying in this peaceful place of relaxation just a few minutes from Lucca, Bove Palace offers comfortable and elegant apartments. Info, price, and method of booking can be found on the site

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